SL 75

Maximum Laser Power through Double Flashlamp System

The SL75 Tornado laser system is designed for multishift operations and mass production applications. Its double fl ashlamp system offers highest peak pulse power up to 12 KW. The SL75 is perfect to weld materials, which demands a high melting energy like silver, copper and pure gold. The averaged performance of 75 Watt at 15 cycles per second ensures a rapid workfl ow during production. Two internal heat exchangers provide suffi cient cooling for this enormous power. Easy operating by using a shift regulator allows even unexercised users to handle the SL75 in a minimum of practice. The optional mode aperture enables the beam diameter to be reduced to a mere 0.05 mm. This is of especially great benefi t for very delicate workpieces. The casing is a welded high-grade steel construction. A working chamber with removable bottom provides additional fl exibility in the handling of large work pieces.

Technical data

Max impulse performance 12 KW
Max average performance 75 W
Pulse energy 0,15 - 120 Joule
Pulse frequency single - 25 Hz*
Pulse duration 0,5 - 20 ms
Spot diameter 0,2 - 2,0 mm**
Program memory 39
Mechanical dimensions 1270 x 815 x 965 mm

* optional: 50 Hz
** optional: 0,05 - 2,0 mm

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