SL 50

Maximum Laser Performance

The SL 50 is based on the successful ALS 35 S model.

It is one of the fastest handcraft laser workstations available on the market.

The device is especially suitable for series production due to its max. averaged performance of 120 Watt and a pulse frequency of 25 cycles per second. Processing time is reduced to a minimum, especially when welding seams. The optional mode aperture enables the beam diameter to be reduced to a mere 0.05 mm. This is of especially great benefit for very delicate workpieces. The casing is a welded high-grade steel construction. A working chamber with removable bottom provides additional flexibility in the handling of large workpieces.

Technical data

Max impulse performance 10 KW
Max average performance 120 W
Pulse energy 0,15 - 95 Joule
Pulse frequency single - 25 Hz*
Pulse duration 0,5 - 20 ms
Spot diameter 0,2 - 2,0 mm**
Program memory 39
Mechanical dimensions 1270 x 815 x 965 mm

* optional: 50 Hz
** optional: 0,05 - 2,0 mm

Download Datasheet as PDF