The Starlight is precise, powerful and efficient

Compact and lightweight the Starlight can even be used within the smallest spaces. The diode-pumped laser marker is equipped with a mini resonator which achieves highest beam quality. The control unit within the beam source controls and regulates the complete laser process. And the Starlight is also very robust and flexible. Its integrated thermoelectric air cooling system saves external water cooling and thus lowers operating costs. Thanks to an integrated diagnostic system, downtimes and service work can be reduced to a minimum.

Technical Data

Output power
5 W
Laser source
Diode-pumped laser marker
(Nd: YAG)
1064 Nm
Pulse frequency
1 - 50
Diode output
9 W
Working area
110 x 110 mm
60 x 60 mm
180 x 180 mm
Power supply 110/220 VAC 16A / 50 - 60 Hz
15 kg
Cooling system Air
603 x 201 x 235 mm
Safety housing for laser
class 1
Rotating axis optional

Datasheet as PDF