18 Feb 2016 -
The system

The FiberScan Eco laser system is your cost-effective entry
point into the diverse world of laser processing.

FiberScan Eco

... your cost-effective entry point


The system

The FiberScan Eco laser system is your cost-effective entry
point into the diverse world of laser processing. This highquality
system uses state-of-the art fi bre technology. It enables
high-precision engraving of the most complex templates using
a wide variety of materials. The system is very user friendly
and can be used by beginners or highly advanced users.
Thanks to its compact design the system can be integrated
into practically every workshop, requiring a minimum of space.
As with everything Siro Lasertec produces, the FiberScan Eco
features solid workmanship and a long service life.



The software is just as important as an effi cient laser system
It is the interface between user and machine. The user must
be able to use each of the many applications individually - and
as intuitively as possible. Compromising on the marking software
was therefore out of the question. For this reason, we do
not rely on third-party software but on our own development,
which has been perfected over many years. Our V3 marking
software was developed especially for the applications used
by our customers in the jewellery and watch-making industry.
The focus here is on rotary axis applications. Our V3 is an
open-source software which is constantly being updated and
enhanced, always incorporating the latest input from our
customers. The user can programme the software to his own



Eco protective housing
For safe operation we recommend that the appropriate protective
housing is used for all our engraving lasers. The compact
Eco protective housing has been developed specially for the
FiberScan Eco. It offers optimum laser safety. (class 1 laser

Rotational axis
The rotation module ensures optimum processing of rings and
other circular parts. Templates of 360° engravings can be processed
on the inner and the outer surface of the workpiece.

Cutting module
The cutting module converts your FiberScan Eco into a laser
cutting system. This system is freely adjustable, has an
integrated feed function and is also suitable for continuous
Among our customers are some of the most important jewellery
and watch manufacturers in the world. Our customers’
expectations of us are therefore correspondingly high. This is
our constant motivation. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will
be happy to help you confi gure your own specific laser system.

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